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We promote fair & decent housing

Our programmes are designed to promote and advocate for changes in the housing ecosystem, enabling people to access fair and decent homes.

Workshops & Pathways

Our programme is design to educate, support and advocate for our families to gain access to fair, decent and affordable housing. We have a range of programmes including financial literacy training, and how to get yourself tenancy ready. All which gaining a more in-depth understanding of these will become part of a tool belt our families can use to build a better future.

Pacific Community Programmes

Habitat has a long history of partnering with Pacific communities to strengthen shelter preparedness and access to decent housing in local communities. Our neighbours in The Pacific constantly face extreme weather events, cyclone seasons, and changing climates that threaten safe, secure homes.

Through locally led shelter education programmes like Participatory Approach to Safe Shelter Awareness (PASSA), Build Back Safer (BBS), and Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH), communities upskill in project planning, identifying risks to shelter, basic building and maintenance skills, and budgeting.

A programme grant then supports each community to carry out their action plan project. A footpath allowing access to the nurses station during flooding, an evacuation centre for the whole village, a seawall; each project, big or small, improves the place community’s call home for years to come.


We also work overseas

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