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We provide homes

We’re helping Kiwi families realise the safety and security of having their own home.

Progressive Home Ownership

Owning a home feels out of reach for many New Zealanders. Progressive Home Ownership is our rent-to-buy partnership programme, providing families with stability and self-reliance.

The Progressive Home Ownership process:

1. Families apply, are interviewed, and agree to partner with Habitat for Humanity.

2. Homes are built, and selected families move in. The homes eventual purchase price is agreed.

3. Affordable rent is paid over the first five years. Rent, less Habitat’s costs, begin to build up a deposit.

4. Habitat continues to support families through life’s ups and downs.

5. After five years, families can purchase the home from Habitat, using their rent and value equity. 

Progressive Home Ownership is a hand up, not a handout. As well as a clear housing need, applicants need to show a willingness to partner with Habitat and have the potential to successfully shift to home ownership.

Community Rentals

We provide affordable and stable rental homes, often in partnership with iwi, the Ministry of Housing and Urban Development, councils and others. As a Community Housing Provider, we are a social landlord, which sets us apart and guides us to allocate our warm, dry, safe and secure homes based on need.

We work across many public housing programmes, all with the aim to support those facing housing affordability challenges. From working with government departments, councils, or private developers, to providing affordable rentals. As a public housing provider, we look at every available opportunity to deliver decent housing for Kiwis in need who meet our criteria.


We also make homes habitable

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