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Comfortech® brings new life to an inter-generational home through volunteering


22 Jun 2023
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A team from Comfortech® recently lent a hand to prepare and paint the interior of an Otara home for a local Kiwi family that has been living in their home for generations.

Habitat for Humanity New Zealand has been working with Comfortech® as a partner for the past two years, supporting our vision of a world where everyone has a decent place to live.

After an assessment by Habitat Northern found that the family’s living conditions were substandard, this home has undergone a series of critical repairs. The work carried out during Comfortech®’s volunteer day was one of the last steps in Billy and Evergreen’s journey to restoring their home to a dry, warm, and healthy place to live. The walls of the home were cleaned of mold, sanded, and primed in preparation for the finishing coats.

“We’re really proud to be here today helping. I think when you see a home like this it makes you appreciate all the work that Habitat does. It’s pretty rewarding that we’re able to come in as a team and make the home a bit healthier and know that they are going to sleep tonight in a room that doesn’t have mould all through it,” says Melissa Semmens, Comfortech ®.

Evergreen lives in the home with her 75-year-old father Billy, who uses a wheelchair. The house has been in the family for three generations now and was among the first in the area. The newly renovated bathroom will make a huge difference. The bathroom was previously not accessible for Billy, with Evergreen having to lift her father in and out of the bath; a distressing situation for both.

With the changes made by Habitat Northern’s team and the hard work from Comfortech®, the bathroom and other rooms are now fully functional. The repairs will significantly improve the conditions of this home for Billy, Evergreen, and future generations. Read Billy and Evergreen’s story here.

“It’s been awesome to see the Comfortech® team working inside the house and to see the transformation of the house within a few hours. You can build a house, but you can’t build a home without people in it and today is about helping people to thrive in their homes,” says Alan Thorp, Habitat for Humanity New Zealand Group CEO

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