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AMI volunteers dedicate 1000+ hours to helping Habitat


09 Jun 2023
AMI HRP May 23 0248
“Home is really important. It’s where you’re at peace, it’s where you’re with the ones that you love."

Together with Habitat for Humanity New Zealand, AMI is putting in the work on the ground to help create safe and healthy homes together for those living in housing need.

AMI team members across New Zealand can take one paid volunteer day per year to lend a hand in their local community and many have chosen to spend their day volunteering with Habitat.

As we grow closer to celebrating the first full year of this volunteering partnership, we are so grateful to the 170 AMI team members that have already dedicated more than 1000 hours helping their local Habitat in the past 12 months. Passionate volunteers are at the heart of Habitat, ultimately helping to make our nationwide housing initiatives possible for Kiwi families.

AMI volunteers have been assisting our local ReStores, Habitat’s non-profit second-hand stores selling preloved items, sorting donations, merchandising the stores, and any other vital help needed by our ReStore managers. A group of volunteers also helped Habitat Northern put together Winter Warmer Packs for the Healthy Homes Programme in December 2022. The team made it possible to prepare 165 education packs, 65 mould cleaning kits and a number of other important items for Kiwi families that are now being distributed to families in Auckland and Tai Tokerau for this winter.

“Home is really important. It’s where you’re at peace, it’s where you’re with the ones that you love. Just knowing that you’re helping someone else have a better place to come home to is a beautiful feeling,” says Nat Binns, Executive Manager, Office of the CEO and New Zealand Leadership Team.

It’s not only AMI volunteers that have rolled up their sleeves. AMI’s leadership team also volunteered with Habitat Northern’s Home Repair Programme in May 2023. Chief Executive Amanda Whiting and other executives spent the day painting the interior of Evergreen and Billy’s Otara home in the final step of this family’s Home Repair journey.

Evergreen lives in the home with her 75-year-old father Billy, who uses a wheelchair. The house has been in the family for three generations now and was among the first in the area. Habitat Northern’s assessment of the home found that it was in urgent need of repairs with several issues that were causing the home to be cold, damp, and inaccessible for Billy. Read Billy and Evergreen’s story here.

“My favourite part about supporting Habitat for Humanity and their work is that I really think everyone deserves shelter and a nice, comfortable home and that is what Habitat for Humanity are all about,” says Amanda Whiting, New Zealand CEO for AMI, during her volunteer day.

“Habitat’s mission is to bring people together to build homes, communities, and hope. Having a partnership with AMI is incredibly helpful to raise awareness of our mission; a world where everyone has a decent place to live,” says Alan Thorp, Habitat for Humanity New Zealand Group CEO.

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