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Volunteer support gives Ōtara office a long awaited refresh


17 May 2023
Volunteer support Otara office Civil Plan Consultants 2023

Last weekend staff from Civil Plan Consultants helped with onsite maintenance at the Ormiston Road regional office.

Their support meant we were able to complete a whole list of jobs we had been putting off for years, including refreshing our regional office space, relaying and refreshing our Curtain Bank, sorting and stacking scaffolding ready for sale and removing graffiti from an internal fence.

At Habitat, we are committed to putting our time and energy into improving the homes of families in need of decent, affordable shelter so we are those builders whose own whare needs a bit of TLC. The help from Civil Plan Consulting has given our whole site a lift, ensuring our spaces are inviting and fresh while giving us back some much-needed space in the Curtain Bank and carpark.

We would like to acknowledge the support from Civil Plan Consultants in making this project happen. It was a pleasure to be able to work with them for the day and come together for a BBQ lunch.

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