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Partnering on the Path to Home Ownership; Taranaki family achieves long-held dream


09 Nov 2023
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This year, we celebrated the successful home ownership journey of Mary and her family after 10 years of partnering with Habitat Taranaki through our Progressive Home Ownership (PHO) programme.

Through PHO, we partner with local families locked out of the private housing market. Using a rent-to-own model we work alongside the family for five to ten years until they are mortgage-ready and can complete the transfer of ownership.

Before moving into the home ten years ago, Mary was living in a cold, damp house with her three grandchildren. The property was unfit for their needs and contributing to the poor health of the children.

In 2013 Mary and family were selected as applicants for our PHO programme and now, after ten years of partnership with Habitat, the family have successfully taken ownership of their home.

For Mary, home-ownership meant she could provide stability for her grandchildren that was not possible in a cold, damp rented property with insecure tenure. Her dream was to set down roots and help establish the children’s future prospects through access to continuous education and a healthy home. Mary’s application form said, “I believe our own home would enable this dream to be achieved.”

Over the last 10 years the family’s journey to home ownership has had additional personal challenges and bumps along the road. However, with our committed partnership and long-standing relationship, we have worked alongside the family during these challenging times to ensure they achieved their dream.

“Through this process I got my faith back and I am now going to a church in my local community, and I am taking my grandchildren along with me,” says Mary. “I am so grateful to God and Habitat for Humanity Taranaki. Thank you so much.”

Habitat Taranaki have been proud supporters of Mary and her family and this year, we celebrate their success and their future opportunities made possible by the stability and security of affordable home ownership.

The names have been changed to protect the privacy of the family concerned.

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