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Providing Comfort and Health: A Partnership with Variety – The Children’s Charity


25 Apr 2024
Child bedroom variety partnership

At the heart of our work in making homes habitable is a commitment to improving health and well-being through housing. Through the support of Variety – The Children’s Charity’s Beds For Kids programme, we’ve been able to provide beds to families facing overcrowded living conditions. This support is crucial, especially for families dealing with illnesses like rheumatic fever.

Rheumatic fever, triggered by an infection like strep throat, poses a significant risk for families, particularly when living spaces are crowded. When one family member falls ill, the likelihood of spreading the illness to others increases. For those with a history of rheumatic fever or other respiratory conditions, having their own hygienic sleep space is vital for recovery and preventing further health complications.

The benefits of providing beds over mattresses or sleeping on the floor are multifaceted. Not only does it offer better ventilation and circulation, reducing the risk of airborne infections, but it also provides warmth, dignity, and comfort. Additionally, separate sleeping spaces make it easier to care for sick family members and reduce the risk of pests and mould-related respiratory issues.

Thanks to the ongoing support from Variety – The Children’s Charity, we can continue to provide beds, cots and potentially pepi pods to families, ensuring healthier sleeping conditions and reducing the risk of illnesses.

In our recent round of funding, we were able to install 21 beds across 9 households.

“These beds will make a huge difference for us. I have four kids, two boys and twin girls. The twins are currently sharing a bed, and my eldest’s disability means he struggles with crowded spaces. Giving him his own bed will make a huge difference to his ability to feel safe and comfortable, meaning we all sleep better.” Healthy Homes partner family.

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