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Building homes overseas

Every year, Habitat for Humanity New Zealand and its Affiliates send hundreds of volunteers overseas to build homes in developing countries. 

Through Global Village, Habitat for Humanity New Zealand makes it possible for low-income families in overseas countries to own a decent home. Our partner families are involved in building their own house (what we call ‘sweat equity’) alongside our volunteers, and make affordable payments to own their home. Rather than providing a hand-out, Habitat for Humanity provides a hand-up. With the participation of volunteers and partner organisations, Habitat For Humanity continues to alleviate poverty housing around the world.

For families who are determined to break out of poverty, the programme enables them to build a better future. For children, a new home offers a chance to grow and thrive in surroundings that are safe. A place to live where they are sheltered from bad weather, fall sick less, go to school more regularly, and get to enjoy childhood. For volunteers, it is the meaningful experience of building and interacting with Habitat partner families. Global Village promotes a sense of goodwill, seeing a fellow human have a decent place to live.



Fiji  2018

18-22 June

Malcom Pearce, an enthusiastic and experienced team leader, encourages you to join his team to build alongside a partner family and help them build their first-own-home. Over a period of 5 days at the construction site, you will experience Fiji as it is in a village or in a settlement project. Warm, enthusiastic Fijian supervisors offer a unique happy working day.



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Fenton Block April 2010 002-778


Fiji St Orans' College Build 2018 - CLOSED


For many years Ms Siegert has led teams of girls, age 16-18, from St Oran’s college in Wellington to build a house with Habitat for Humanity Fiji. This year Ms Siegert led 30 girls to Fiji and they built 2 houses in Nawaka Village, Nadi. They helped two families living in hardship into a simple decent home. Well done! The girls learnt some building skills and experienced a very moving dedication (giving the family the ‘key’ to open the door).

Many thanks to the school, the girls, Habitat Fiji and especially Ms Siegert.
Ms Siegert is leading another team July 2018 - A big Thank you.




Fiji 2018 - Full

July 9-14th

Dean Eagar, an experienced team leader is seeking a predominately parent/child volunteer combination or interested teachers to build in Nadi, Fiji. HFH Fiji are experienced supervisors managing school teams in the July holidays. Share a week with your off spring and experience the joy of giving together.

Habitat are offering a discounted price for young people between the ages of 16-17.



preparing the joists-127







Fiji 2018 - Full

14 - 24 July


HFH Invercargill affiliate are seeking volunteers to build in Fiji. Mike McLean, an experienced team leader will lead the team. This is a build during the school holidays, ideal for a first build experience. Volunteers do not need any experience, the happy, friendly Fijian supervisor will guide you each day, teaching and encouraging you to try a new skill, they make it fun. The Fijian program is well organised meeting a big need either in a village or creating a new settlement.

Invercargill look forward to taking you on a special journey to help a family in need.





Samoa 2018

4 August to 18 August

Paul Ungemuth is leading the team to work on the PASSA project in Samoa 4-18 August.

This is a wonderful opportunity to be involved in a pilot program to provide safe shelter awareness. This could include strapping to existing homes for cyclone resistance, building a wall or planting mangroves in flooding prone areas, or digging tranches for drainage in times of flooding. Habitat will select the village for this pilot program, people will be trained to assess the need of families in the village and the community make the decision to meet the most important needs. This program is very empowering. You will be working alongside the family, a Field Office and a technical adviser.




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before and after Jim Dowman team-759



Samoa 2018

19 August - 1 September

Mike McLean, an experienced team leader, is excited to be leading a team of volunteers again to provide shelter resistance from cyclones. Come and join Mike in this wonderful opportunity to be involved. Work could include strapping to existing homes for cyclone resistance, building a wall or planting mangroves in flooding prone areas, or digging tranches for drainage in times of flooding.
Habitat has selected the village for this program. Villagers have been trained to assess the needs of families in the village and the community make the decision about how to meet their most important needs. This program is very empowering. You will be working alongside the family, a Field Office and a technical adviser.

Vietnam 2018

24th August - 1st September


Peter Robertson is leading ta team to make a difference to the peoples living in Hoa Binh Provence, Vietnam. Hoa Binh province is one of the poorest mountainous provinces in northwest Vietnam. Eighty five percent of the population are ethnic Muang, living mostly on agriculture and animal husbandry. They suffer from frequent landslides and severe cold weather, which causes animals to die and destroys crops. Habitat and Peter welcome your enquiry to join this team and help make a difference.














Cambodia 2018 Full

29 October - 3 November
Miles Cain is leading this team to make a difference. Miles is passionate about changing the lives of people who find themselves in poverty. 36% of the population live below the poverty line. 90% live in rural areas of which 85% account for the poor. Thousands have migrated to Phnom Penh and this has severe consequenses for the vulnerable poverty-line families. Most become scavengers living in rental shacks at high risk of eviction. Come and join Miles,.who has travelled extensively in Asia Pacific volunteering for Habitat, and help to make a difference for the children of one familiy.
Find out:

India 2018

2-11 November
Inadequate housing is a major problem facing the mountain tribal people of Karjat, located just 100km inland from Mumbai. The need is great. Houses typically have thatched roofing, weak foundations and flooring of mud and cow dung, and require frequent repairs. Open defecation is prevalent due to lack of awareness of sanitation and absence of facilities. Join Neil Pilbrow, an experienced Habitat leader, and help one deserving family build a decent home and make a difference to their lives.

Neil's picture-242




VIET-16-2234-MF Vietnam Big Build 2018-88




Vietnam Big Build - 2018

Nathan Collins, Habitat CNI operations manager, is leading a team of 45 volunteers to Vietnam for the Big Build, with the support of three team leaders. They will be working alongside teams from around the world to build 40 homes for families in need. The build will be in Cao Lanh District, Dong Thap Province about 160kms from Ho Chi Minh City. The population of 1.6 million is at risk from annual flooding. These agricultural- dependant families who earn less than USD$100/month are vulnerable. Your support is needed to build strength, stability and self reliance.


Myanmar 2018

5-9 November
Lou Maea, HFH Samoan advisor will lead this trip to Myanmar. Come and join him. Lou has organised and led many teams to AP but this will be his first to Myanmar. There are  limited opportunities to build, don't miss out. This will be an exciting adventure and wonderful opportunity to help those in need. Myanmar is one of the poorest countries in Asia Pacific. Volunteers working here will be making a huge difference to the lives of families. Families are affected by forest fires, landslides, floods and storm surges.



Cambodia 2018

November 24 - December 01

This year Rob is planning his 5th Cambodian build. His first visit was part of a large group of New Zealanders participating in the "Mekong Build" with Jimmy Carter. For him it was an incredible experience, and a blend of hard work, high temperatures and "out of control emotions", which resulted in the whole build being somehow surreal and fanciful.
Cambodia is an interesting country, with a lot of housing need and a trajic history. The people are warm and welcoming, and they make every effort of ours feel valued and worthwhile.

This could be your experience by joining his team!
Rob's picture-73

Argentina 2018

23 November - 2 December
Experience Buenos Aires. Gerard Guzzo will be leading a team to Argentina's capital to build a home for a family in need in one of Buenos Aires' slums. Discover a vibrant culture and a wonderful people as we work hand in hand with our family to give them hope and to open opportunities that they could never have imagined.


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