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Building homes overseas

Every year, Habitat for Humanity New Zealand and its Affiliates send hundreds of volunteers overseas to build homes in developing countries. 

Through Global Village, Habitat for Humanity New Zealand makes it possible for low-income families in overseas countries to own a decent home. Our partner families are involved in building their own house (what we call ‘sweat equity’) alongside our volunteers, and make affordable payments to own their home. Rather than providing a hand-out, Habitat for Humanity provides a hand-up. With the participation of volunteers and partner organisations, Habitat For Humanity continues to alleviate poverty housing around the world.

For families who are determined to break out of poverty, the programme enables them to build a better future. For children, a new home offers a chance to grow and thrive in surroundings that are safe. A place to live where they are sheltered from bad weather, fall sick less, go to school more regularly, and get to enjoy childhood. For volunteers, it is the meaningful experience of building and interacting with Habitat partner families. Global Village promotes a sense of goodwill, seeing a fellow human have a decent place to live.


Thailand 2018

3- 11 February

Let's get families out of make shift shelters!
Many families in Thailand have to piece together make shift shelters using scraps of wood and planks, rusted scrap metal, canvas, cardboard or leaves stretch between wire mesh.Adrian and Vivien Muir are leading a team to Thailand early February 2018. Thailand has a notorious housing problem, resulting in a massive lack of government budget to develop housing. There are many families who are in desperate need of a better home.




Woman's Build, Nepal 2018

3rd - 10th March 2018

Pipaltar village, Kavre is a poor village of around 100 houses in Nepal. It was completely destroyed in the April and May earthquakes. Houses were 2 stories high made from sun dried bricks, joined with mud mortar. The community members have been provided with temporary shelters. Now, families are hopeful that volunteers like you will help rebuild, so that everyone will have a decent place to live.


Pacific Build, Fiji 2018

12-16 March

Calling volunteers 18-30 yrs who would love to build for a family in need in Nadi, Fiji. Six young New Zealanders will build with six young Australians to make a difference in the lives of one family by building a simple decent house. When families live in their own home, the experience changes their lives, particularly the lives of the children. Overcrowding and poverty have a huge impact on health, physically and mentally. Come and make a difference



Sarah and Tess Fiji 2017
Fiji 2018

Fiji 2018

18 - 24 March

Habitat for Humanity invites you to join Jane Mead on a Global Village trip to build in Nadi, Fiji March 2018. This is Jane's sixth year to lead a team to build in Fiji. The need is so great, Jane is committed to assisting Fiji's extensive program assisting families into decent homes. Jane would love you to join her, this experience is life changing for the family and very often can be life changing for the volunteer. The smiling faces and warm welcome from Habitat families and their neighbours, despite the poor housing conditions, are heart warming.



Nepal GV 2016 Matthew Flynn Team-905

Nepal 2018

14th - 18th May 

There is a huge need for housing in Nepal since the April 25, 2015 earthquake. Habitat Nepal is assisting earthquake affected families in constructing new homes through owner driven approach. Thousands of families are still living in temporary shelters. Come join this team to help change a family's situation and make a difference.



Samoa 2018

May - tba

This is a wonderful opportunity to continue the successful program of renovating homes for the Samoan community. You will be working alongside the family and with a HFH Samoan supervisor. Over the last three years the program was designed to build 100 homes.


before and after Jim Dowman team-49
Janet Wilkinson's team Feb 2017-590

Nepal 2018 CLOSED TEAM

28 May - 01 June

Our CEO, Claire Szabo is leading a team of people, Board members, directors and close associates of HFH NZ. The trip will be a program to include some days building, to learn about Housing Support Services and possibly visit flood affected areas. What a great opportunity to see first-hand how earthquake affected Nepal leads the way in recovery!


Fiji  2018

June tba

Come join our team to build alongside a partner family and help them build their first-own-home. Over a period of 5 days at the construction site, our volunteers will experience Fiji as it is in a village or at a settlement project. Warm, enthusiastic Fijian supervisors offer a unique happy working day.



Fiji 2018 framework
SriLankaGV small pixels (2)-962

Sri Lanka 2018

11 -15 June

Enjoy the leadership of an enthusiastic Team Leader, Paul Look, when you join his team to build in Sri Lanka. You will be building for families who are currently living in a small one bedroom temporary wooden structure with limited protection from adverse weather conditions, outside intruders and which provides minimal privacy. 5-6 family members may live in a 11'x11' space. The families in need earn their living by fishing, labouring or driving Tuk Tuks. The wages are no more than $6/day.





Thailand 2018

11 -15 June

Thailand still has poverty. Families living in hardship need you to come and build a simple decent house. The houses in the area of Kanchanaburi are built improperly with limited resources resulting in unsafe and unhygienic living conditions.
This is also a wonderful place to visit after the build.



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Fenton Block April 2010 002-341

Fiji St Orans' College Build 2018 - CLOSED


For many years Ms Siegert has led teams of girls, age 16-18, from St Oran’s college in Wellington to build a house with Habitat for Humanity Fiji. This year Ms Siegert led 30 girls to Fiji and they built 2 houses in Nawaka Village, Nadi. They helped two families living in hardship into a simple decent home. Well done! The girls learnt some building skills and experienced a very moving dedication (giving the family the ‘key’ to open the door).

Many thanks to the school, the girls, Habitat Fiji and especially Ms Siegert.
Ms Siegert is leading another team July 2018 - A big Thank you.



Fiji 2018



Invercargill team of young volunteers. More information to follow


IMG 2097-864
IMG 2914-308

Fiji 2018

July School holidays

Dean Eagar, an experienced team leader is seeking a predominately parent/child volunteer combination or interested teachers to build in Nadi, Fiji. HFH Fiji are experienced supervisors managing school teams in the July holidays. Share a week with your off spring and experience the joy of giving together. Students need to be 16 or over. Preferably 18.


August 2018

Looking for a build with a difference? Habitat welcomes you to join a team to build a Seed House in Argentina. A seed house provides the most important part of the house with respect to basic needs (kitchen and bathroom installations, facilities, bedroom). This gives the family a fast solution and the education and tools to support the social production of housing in order to continue the process of completing a home by their own means.

Nepal - Winterization-368


September 2018

We continue our support to Nepal, inching closer towards a world where everyone has a decent place to live. Joins us on our mission, register below...

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